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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's In A Name: GHOE vs. NOHOE

Anyone who knows anything about HBCUs knows they all take homecoming very seriously. North Carolina A&T may have more invested in their homecoming than any HBCU, as some alumni have trademarked the term GHOE (Greatest Homecoming On Earth). So when word got out that students at nearby Fayetteville (NC) State started using NOHOE (Number One Homecoming On Earth), a social media battle began.

Some of these tweets are funny, but is it really that serious?

Fallout From FAMU's Holmes Firing Continues

It's been a rough 24 hours in Tallahassee. Florida A&M's firing of Earl Holmes as head coach is making national headlines, and not just because they let the former NFL linebacker and former FAMU football star go.

Apparently, many people are upset with the timing of Holmes firing, including a former state senator who had some harsh words for the FAMU AD Kellen Winslow Sr.

Former Florida Senator Al Hanson slammed athletic director Kellen Winslow, Sr for firing Holmes during the school's homecoming week. 
During a meeting of the 220 Quarterback Club on Wednesday, Lawson called athletic director Kellen Winslow Sr. "disrespectful" and said removing Holmes during the week of homecoming was "wrong." 
"There's no one – not even in high school – that would interrupt homecoming," he said. 
"A competent athletic director would have called someone in ... he wouldn't have sent a letter."

Just for background, Lawson isn't just some politician throwing stones. He's a FAMU alum, and his name is on the school's brand-new arena.

From everything we know about the situation, from the way it went down to Winslow's alleged comments to FAMU's student-athletes, it looks like Kellen Winslow has made it a point to put his stamp on the FAMU program--for better or for worse.

Resume Check: South Carolina State

Earlier this week, we revealed our Power Rankings for the FCS and Division II football. Over the next few days, we'll take a deeper look at the contenders for conference crowns. Today, we take a look at South Carolina State. 

Record: 5-3 (3-1 MEAC)
Key Wins: Furman, NC A&T, Bethune-Cookman
Key Losses: Coastal Carolina, North Carolina Central
Remaining Schedule: Savannah State (11/1), @ FAMU (11/8), @ Morgan State (11/15), Norfolk State (11/22)

Body of Work: 

SCSU only put up three points against the same Coastal Carolina team that A&T outplayed a week earlier. Then it had to go to overtime to beat a Hampton team that isn't ready at all. Then it beat A&T with a freshman QB, but only managed 13 points. Then it got smoked--at home--by North Carolina Central. Then it beat a BCU team that has struggled with Grambling and D2 Florida Tech.

Biggest Question: Does SCSU have enough offense?

South Carolina State is an above-average defense, giving up an average of 22 points per game. The problem is, it only scores 21 points per game. And if you take away its 63-0 win over Benedict, SCSU is averaging just 16 points per game against Division I competition.

Verdict: SC State is good...not great

So, why do we have SC State ranked behind A&T and Bethune-Cookman, two teams that it has beaten?

SCSU's win over A&T came with freshman QB Hassan Klugh starting in place of an injured Kwashaun Quick. Having seen the team play with and without him, I can say with confidence that they are a different team with he and Tarik Cohen in the backfield. If the two teams met again, my money is on A&T.

While I'm not sure that Bethune-Cookman is that much better than South Carolina State, it does have an FBS win under its belt. Had SCSU won or even had a better performance in a loss against Coastal Carolina, perhaps I'd be persuaded to put them above BCU.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Earl Holmes' Departure Vine Is Painful To Watch

It's been a long day in Tallahassee. It started this morning, when FAMU's football press conference was canceled, and climaxed with the news of Earl Holmes firing. In between, there were hours of uncertainty and frustration.

When all was said and done, Holmes was gone. This Vine, taken by TDonline.com's Jordan Culver is pretty tough to watch. You can almost feel the hurt in his eyes after being fired from his alma mater after less than two full seasons.

Go Home Earl: Holmes Out As FAMU Coach

Less than two years after taking over the football program at his alma mater, former NFL linebacker Earl Holmes is out as FAMU head coach. Holmes firing comes days before FAMU's homecoming game against Norfolk State. Assistant Corey Fuller will take over head coaching duties.
FAMU dropped to 2-6 on Saturday after losing 40-21 to North Carolina A&T. Holmes record at FAMU stands at 6-16, with 2013 as his only full season as head coach. He originally took over on an interiem basis back in 2012 when legendary coach Joe Taylor suddenly retired in early November.
The FAMU were reportedly not happy about the firing. There had reportedly been some talk of a Grambling-style boycott, but despite a tense meeting with Winslow, that appears to have been avoided.

Earlier today, Holmes did not show up for a scheduled media event, while several of his players did.

Check back for more updates.

A People's Live Tweet/Review of Drumline A New Beat

More than a decade after the cult classic "Drumline" hit theaters, VH1 debuted its made-for-TV sequal "Drumline: A New Beat." We're not very good movie critics, so we let our timeline tell us what they thought.

Per usual, the results were pretty hilarious. Social media definitely has a way of making even mediocre events great with all the creativity.

Uni Watch: Southern, Jackson State Switch Up Helmets, Unis In Boom Box Classic

Looking back on Saturday's Boom Box Classic between Southern and Jackson State, there was quite a bit going on. Not only did Southern crush JSU 42-28, and not only did its band throw some epic shade at the home team, but both teams showed off helmet and jersey modifications.

(SWAC.com photo)

Southern ditched it's normal interlocked "SU" logo in favor of a white jaguar with blue edging.


Jackson State's helmet change was a bit more subtle, as it swapped the blue background for it's JSU logo for a red one. It also added a uniform change, replacing "Jackson State" with "Tigers" on the chest of the jersey. JSU also modified its jersey font.

(JSUTigers.com photo)

What do you think of each team's uniform modifications?

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